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Waste Management names new president after Q2 results beat estimates

New changes are up for Houston’s Waste Management Inc. as it now welcomes its new president after reporting a very promising second quarter turnout. James Fish Jr. will be acting both as the president…more

Another Houston upstream company prepares to file Chapter 11

Another Houston company is going to seek assistance from the government as it prepares to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Halcon Resources Corp. aims to remove their $1.8 billion debt and the $222 million…more

AIA Houston names 2016 Design Award winners

The new winners of the 2016 Design Awards by AIA Houston has been announced last week. These winners won in their respective categories and selected from 141 submissions throughout the region. These awards recognized…more

Here’s how many people Koch companies employ in Houston and statewide

In recent days, one may hear about the Koch brothers Charles and David as they contribute heavily to their preferred political parties and take part in major debates regarding controversial issues. These two brothers…more

Cash sales down in Houston housing market amid oil slump

As Houston continues to experience problems when it comes to the oil slump, it is noted in a recent report that only a few people are now buying homes using cold hard cash. CoreLogic…more