Commercial Lease Renewal

Happy where you are? If your current location suits your employees and clients and your existing space works pretty well for you, it may be a very smart idea to renew your existing lease. You’ll avoid moving costs, maintain business continuity, and keep everyone happy. Don’t just sign on the dotted line, though.

Ask yourself:

  • How will you know if the lease renewal rate your landlord offers you is competitive? Could you get a better deal elsewhere?
  • What if you need more space (or less) when you renew your current lease?
  • Do you need new paint? New carpet? Energy-efficient lighting? How will you negotiate a competitive lease renewal package that includes a generous Tenant Improvement (TI) Allowance to update your space and make necessary alterations?

To get the best possible deal, you need to follow the

same process as if you’re leasing space for the first time.

This is where Commercial Office Advisors comes in. We know how to create a competitive environment so you get maximum leverage out of this situation.

End result: Your landlord competes for your business and makes you a renewal offer that reflects your value as a tenant.

And we don’t rock the boat, either. Thanks to our years of successfully negotiating lease renewals and expansions throughout Houston and the surrounding areas, we know how to achieve your goals in a professional manner that doesn’t affect your relationship with your landlord. Typically, your landlord pays our fees in this situation. We split the commission they are already paying their listing broker.

Let Commercial Office Advisors take the initiative so landlords are competing to have you for a tenant!