Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation: What is it? When a company engages a real estate broker to exclusively research, locate, analyze, and negotiate commercial space solutions for lease or purchase, that’s called tenant representation.

Who needs it? You do! Whether you want to lease, buy, move, expand, downsize, or stay put and get a better deal; there are so many benefits of having a Houston commercial real estate services firm; like us looking out for you and representing your best interests.

You need tenant representation if you:

  • Are a startup company that needs to lease space for the first time
  • Have an existing lease and want to expand or relocate
  • Need help with commercial lease renewal negotiations
  • Lack the time, resources, or expertise it takes to handle the entire lease process so you end up with a great location and a great deal

Commercial Office Advisors helps you find and negotiate the Houston office space you need!  To locate office, medical, retail or warehouse space now, contact us 

Throughout the entire leasing process – from site selection to negotiation to occupancy – Commercial Office Advisors is like having your own  in-house real estate department.

  • As we scout out the best locations for you, we’re always looking for ways to help you reduce your overall occupancy costs and boost your profitability.
  • Our efficient, targeted search techniques let you focus on your core business while we find ways to save you; money, get you what you want, and avoid business disruption.
  • We listen closely to your  goals and objectives. We won’t waste your valuable time showing you spaces that aren’t right for you.

Our services don’t cost you a cent – we split the commission that’s already being paid to the listing agent of the property. By choosing our free services, you’re making this money work for you.  We also offer buyer representation! Click here to learn more.