Warehouse Space Lease Renewal

Is your warehouse space lease renewal coming up?  If so are you prepared to negotiate the best deal with the landlord?

Commercial Office Advisors specialize in warehouse space lease renewals and can help you create a healthy competitive environment between landlords to ensure you get the lowest lease rates and best terms possible.

The key to this is starting the process early…. at least 6-12 months before your existing warehouse lease expires.  It’s also important to take a serious look at what other warehouse space options are available, even if you would rather stay at your current location.  By doing this you will learn what current market conditions (e.g. available spaces, current lease rates & concessions, etc.) are and arm your self with the knowledge to effectively negotiate against the landlord.

You see if you just wait for your landlord to give you a warehouse space lease renewal proposal it will probably be too late as you won’t have time to consider your other options.  The landlord knows this and has more leverage in the negotiations.  However if the landlord thinks you might move out then they are more inclined to give you a better deal.

We specialize in warehouse space lease renewals.  If you don’t have the time or resources we can help you do all the above and help ensure you get the lowest lease rates and best terms possible.  If you would like us to help just give us a call!  We also offer retail space lease renewal services.